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  1. Troy Paddock says:

    Hi All,
    This fall we will be launching the Digital History of New Haven Project (launching may be an overstatement). The Digital History of New Haven Project will create an open access website dedicated to the history of New Haven, CT. Inspired by Tulane University’s Media NOLA Project (medianola.org/), this website will provide a forum for presenting the history of New Haven from the Colonial Era to today. The website will provide an opportunity for students to conduct research on any aspect of the history and development of New Haven and provide a venue through the use of digital technologies for the dissemination of the results. I am interested in any advice, tips, or feedback that people what to share.

    This will be my first THAT camp. I have missed the boat on what sessions are about, please ignore this.


  2. Troy Paddock says:

    Cheers not Chers,

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