Unconventional Tools for Unconventional Classrooms

What tools are you using in your classrooms? Let’s have a show and tell! Come and share your favorite tools and how you use them for teaching or play (or both, mwahaha).

Starting Points:

  • Voyant
  • Zotero
  • StoryMap
  • HistoryPin
  • Juxta
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About Kirsten Mentzer

Technology Specialist @ NOVA Medical education Campus.

2 Responses to Unconventional Tools for Unconventional Classrooms

  1. Joanna Howard says:

    StoryMap and HistoryPin sound especially interesting. Looking forward to finding out more.

  2. Profile photo of Zayna Bizri Zayna Bizri says:

    My thought exactly. :) I use social media mostly, but i’m always looking to expand.

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